Quality Carpet Cleaning
Quality Carpet Cleaning
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"Rowan was excellent. A real professional who was very thorough. Great value for money - would HIGHLY recommend." Erica, Golders Green

Getting your carpets cleaned should in my opinion mean your carpet is cleaned more or less to the level of when it was put in. 

This means investing time in treating stains and 'traffic lanes' (that is, where your feet have trodden) and then taking the time to properly extract all the dirt and solution from the carpet, as well as making sure enough clean water is 'cycled' through the carpet to promote freshness.

It also means using high-quality chemicals which don't ruin your carpet. 

"We were very impressed not only with the very high standard of work and attention to detail but how hard and tirelessly Rowan worked to ensure that the property was left looking brand new. Would highly recommended him without question. Great guy fantastic service." Michelle, Bermondsey
  1. Water mark removal
    Water mark removal
  2. Hallway cleaning
    Hallway cleaning
  3. Prespray
  4. Hallway after
    Hallway after
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    Hallway before
  6. Title 9
    Title 9
"Rowan did an amazing job of cleaning my carpets. The carpets now looks as new. He look through minute detail and use the right chemicals to get rid of them. Very friendly and happy to get my carpets cleaned next year. Will highly recommend to others. Thanks Rowan for your excellent work." Raghu, Wembley Central
"I saw this gentleman's advert on Gumtree and I called him for carpet cleaning . less than 24hours he was at my place and he did a brilliant good job. His job was top notch. He took his time and you can see that from the carpet. I will definitely use him again and also pass his numbers to my friends. I can say I am 1000% satisfied. " Temi, North Woolwich
Too often in this industry cleaners are in a rush to make a fast buck and in my opinion spend only about half of the time required to clean a carpet properly. This results in poor customer satisfaction and antipathy towards the industry. After all, why should you cough up your hard earned money just for some cowboy to turn up and offer a shoddy service?

The service I provide is geared towards creating customer satisfaction, which in turn means investing the proper amount of time into producing a clean, fresh and dry carpet. Cutting corners as many companies and cleaners do, will only result in a carpet which is not as clean as it could be. 

Many of my customers have told me that my product compares well with other cleaners who have just turned up and spent well under half the time that I give to my customers. 

It is also crucial that the carpet is left dry or nearly dry.    

Understanding this point means understanding a little bit about the process of carpet cleaning. 

Other things which I offer my customers:
'Drying strokes' which is where the 'wand' is passed over after extraction without the spray on to extract more moisture. 
Detailing the corners of a room with a hand-held 'detailing' tool. 
Free 'overshoes' (which you can wear over your shoes to not dirty the carpet when it isdrying)


Whenever you book my service, ALL of the following services are included so that your carpet comes up LIKE NEW:

1. VACUUMING: Your carpet will be thoroughly VACUUMED to remove all dust in the target areas. This helps to prepare the carpet to be washed and is an essential step

2. PRESPRAY: A SPECIALIST CLEANING SOLUTION is applied to all treadmarks, 'heavy-traffic' areas and stains - this acts as a solvent to suspend any dirt, grease or marks to make it ready for extraction. The solution is agitated into your carpet with a stiff brush to make sure the cleaning solution is worked well into the carpet and to ready it for extraction

3. STAIN REMOVAL: All STAINS are identified and TREATED with a specialist stain remover for each different type of stain. For instance, make-up would have a solvent applied to it, coffee stains would have tannin-remover applied, food would have a food-stain remover applied. The stain is then removed with a specialist 'hand-tool' (for detailed areas)

4. HOT WATER EXTRACTION (most recommended by the carpet-making industry): A high-powered professional carpet-washing machine is used to spray a specialist extraction detergent onto the carpet, at the same time extracting the solution with a high-powered vacuum - in this way, the soiled solution and moisture are extracted from your carpet. Another 'pass' is made with the machine so that your carpet is washed and extracted with a clean detergent.

5. DRY PASSES: Multiple 'dry' passes (without applying detergent solution) are made to ensure a quicker drying time.

6. CORNERS are cleaned with a specialist 'hand-tool' 

The technique I use is the one most recommended by the industry: Hot Water Extraction cleaning. Prespray is applied by sprayer to convert dirt into soap - this mixture is then extracted using a specialist vacuum, and a rinsing agent is applied if required.


Please find below the prices for Carpet Steam Cleaning. These prices are FIXED and NO VAT OR CALLOUT FEE will be charged. Stain removal is included within the price.

First Room £25


Double Room £15
Single Room £12
Hallway £12
Living Room £22
Staircase £15

Rug (large) £20
Rug (small) £10
Sofa (3 seater) £20
Sofa (2 seaer) £15

There is a Minimum Booking of £40

How does the process work?

How much will it cost?

"I was very pleased with the cleaning results of my carpet. It really brought the colour back out and the texture. It smelt very fresh after being cleaned. Rowan worked very hard the whole time he was here. Happy customer." Gemma, Dagenham